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We returned to the auditorium after buying some pictures in time to hear Alexandra Tydings speak. At first, she was a bit show-offish, but eventually she got better. Her father was in the audience, and she insisted he come up. She introduced him and talked about him, which was kind of cute, but also a bit strange to me.
She was very animated, and gave off a few spoilers, such as: Aphrodite gets in an all-out fight with Strife later in the season.
She was very nice, even with the to-be-expected stupid questions. Example: "Will you take my card? It has my homepage on it, and I have a Xena chat. I want you to come!" Now, that's all fine and dandy for the person, but the rest of us really don't care. Plenty of people seemed to give her cards, and somehow she fit them all into the back pocket of her leather pants--now, had I been wearing those nothing, and I mean *nothing* would be fitting in those pockets ;)

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